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With its warm, marbled earthy colors and classic urn shape, the Brown and Black Ceramic Bud Vase is sure to be welcomed into any dcor. Designers suggest clustering ceramic vases like this with others of different height. Lucky you, this one is offered in a choice of available sizes. Groups of three..
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A beige to bronze ombre glaze makes the Bronze Fade Ceramic Bud Vase a welcome addition to any setting. This handsome ceramic vase has a richly textured design and generous opening that you can fill with dried reeds and grasses. It's offered in your choice of available sizes. Curate a collection an..
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Make your indoor or outdoor living space shine with the gleaming bronze finish of the Bronze Ceramic Flower Vase. For a mod effect, the ceramic vase has an irregular rim and all-over geometric facets...
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The Blue Spotted Ceramic Vase has slashes of color distributed across the white surface and a subtle ribbed texture that brings extra visual appeal. The base is a speckled gold tone, which adds complexity to the palette. This bud-style vase is finished with a high-gloss, hand-applied glaze...
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Raise the mod factor of your dcor with the Black Ceramic Flower Vase. The matte black ceramic vase makes a bold contemporary statement with its irregular rim and large geometric piercings...
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Introduce some graceful curves and subtle color into your dcor with the 9 in. Ceramic Round Bud Vase. The rotund ceramic vase is painstakingly hand finished, giving it a one-of-a-kind speckled effect...
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Spots of color pop against the sleek ceramic surface of the 8.5 in. Speckled Urn Table Vase. As the vase is handcrafted and hand-finished, no two are ever completely the same...
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Enhance your coffee table with the low profile bowl shape of the 8.5 in. Dissolution Ceramic Bowl Table Vase. Constructed of ceramic and polished to a shine, the black and white swirl pattern brings to mind the elegance of marble...
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To ensure the 8.5 in. Ceramic Bud Vase matches your dcor, it's offered in a choice of available marbled glaze colorways. A classic pot shape and generous opening make it easy to arrange flowers in this ceramic vase. It's equally as stunning left empty...
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Add some antique appeal to your living space with the 73480 Ceramic 5.5 in. Urn Table Vase. The ceramic urn vase has an aged quality due to its hand-applied, weathered reactive glaze finish...
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Add a little luster to your contemporary dcor with the 49619 Ceramic 15.75 in. Trumpet Table Vase. The double gourd body and trumpet neck of the handcrafted ceramic vase shimmers with an iridescent pearlized ivory finish...
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Inspire thoughts of Moroccan tile work with the 46621 Ceramic 11 in. Cylindrical Table Vase. The global handcrafted ceramic vase features a pierced medallion design and shines with a metallic silver finish...
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